Why learn homeopathy using patient videos?

In brief, you will learn the personality profile of each constitution significantly better by watching actual patient videos rather than by studying the Materia Medica.  There are multiple videos for each common constitution on this site.  When you actually see the same constitution in several different people (in person or on video), that’s when you start getting the feel for that constitution which is critical in homeopathic prescribing.  Many of Dr. Sharif’s videos that he uses during his live teaching seminars are now available on this site in a modular format.

Benefits of taking the online modules:

  • View same patient videos as Dr. Sharif uses in his live seminars.

  • View some patient videos that Dr. Sharif rarely uses in his live seminars such as the Uncommon Remedies module, Kids’ Videos, or the Group Videos.

  • View the various modules in any order you choose.    (Note that the videos in the numbered modules get more challenging as the module number becomes larger.  For example, a Phosphorus person in module #3 is more difficult to identify than one in module #1.)

  • Save money and time by avoiding unnecessary travel.

  • Complete the modules from the convenience of your home or office any time you would like.

  • Learn how effective homeopathy is by listening to the impressive results of real patients.

  • And, of course, build up your homeopathic practice by sharpening your knowledge of the most common constitutional types which make up the majority of the cases we see in a primary case setting.

Each module contains approximately 10-20 actual patient videos, often one and sometimes more than one video for each constitution in each module.  Most of the videos are of the top 15 or so most common constitutions listed on this site (Calc carb, Carcinosin, Causticum, Ignatia, Kali carb, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Medorrhinum, Nat mur, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Silica, Staphysagria, and Sulphur).  The module titled Uncommon Remedies contains videos of individuals whose constitution is definitely rare such as Stramonium, Aluminum or Bothrops.  Some videos contain more than one person.  For example, you may see a Carcinosin constitutional type and a Pulsatilla one interact with one another on the same video.  The module called Group Videos contains only such combination videos, but you can also find combination videos in some other modules as well.

The exact list of what constitutional types each module contains is shown next to each module.  The subscription you are purchasing is PER module, and is meant to be for one person only.  Additionally, your subscription is only valid for 30 days during which time you can view the videos as often as you would like.

For a detailed description of each constitution/remedy, refer to Materia Medica section of Dr. Sharif’s book titled “Visual Homeopathy”.   (Note: At this point, you can purchase a hard copy of this book by contacting his clinic at 425-656-0700 or through Bastyr University bookstore.   You can also purchase an electronic copy of his book through this website.)  For a more brief description of these remedies, you may refer to the complementary Seminar Notes on the website.

To get the most out of watching each video, it is highly recommended that you study the remedy in question ideally in the Visual Homeopathy book (or at the very least in the Seminar Notes on this site) before, during, and after you are done watching each video.  Remember that the person does NOT have to have every keynote or symptom of the remedy to fit that constitution.   In other words, the person is a subset of the remedy, not vice versa.

For modules #1 and #2, the name of the remedy/constitution is displayed next to each video.  This is to help give you a feel for these common remedies.  For the later sets, the names of the remedies are not listed immediately next to the video- you will need to refer to the key to look them up.  The purpose for not displaying the remedy next to each video in these modules is to encourage you to come to the remedy (make an educated guess) on your own.  For the videos where the name of the remedy is hidden from you, it is particularly important that you use the book or the seminar notes thoroughly ahead of time so that you have a working knowledge of these common remedies BEFORE you watch the videos.  In fact, it is highly recommended that you first watch and study the videos in modules #1 and #2 thoroughly along with the book/notes, THEN you can much more confidently tackle the videos in the other modules.

Note that for the modules that are numbered (i.e. modules #1 or 2, etc.), the personality profile of the individuals in the videos in each module is meant to get more difficult as you proceed to the higher numbers.  In other words, module #1 contains videos of individuals who are more classic examples for their corresponding constitution.  Whereas, say module #4 is going to contain videos of individuals whose remedy tend to be more challenging to guess that the ones in module #1.

The other modules that are NOT numbered, including “Kids Videos”, “Uncommon Remedies”, and “Group Videos” are standalone modules.

Another point that is noteworthy is that modules # 1 and #2 contain more of a variety of videos (a total of 16 constitutional types total per set) than modules #3, #4, and so on.  This is due to the fact that Dr. Sharif did not have as many videos for some particular constitutions as some other ones.  For example, at the time of creation of the first four modules, he only had two Kali carb videos so those two videos are placed in modules #1 and #2, and there are no Kali carb videos in the other modules.

On this entire site, there may be only a couple of videos that can be found in more than one module.  For example, there is a great staphysagria case (which Dr. Sharif only has a few videos for) that is found in module #2 as well as the Kids Videos module.

Dr. Sharif will be putting on more video modules on this website as time permits.  Presently, he has nearly 500 actual patient videos, many of which he intends to put on this site once they are ready to be uploaded.

In some of the videos you will accidentally hear the name of the remedy.  If this video happens to be a video where you are not supposed to know the name of the remedy ahead of time, please forgive the error on our part.

Sometimes you will hear Dr. Sharif or the patients talk about therapies other than homeopathy.  Dr. Sharif is a naturopathic doctor as well as a homeopathic practitioner.  Therefore, he dose utilize other natural therapies in his practice.  For the purposes of your homeopathic education, please feel free to ignore any discussion in the videos regarding non-homeopathic therapies unless you find this information useful or interesting.  Specifically, you may hear mention of certain drainage therapies such as UNDA numbers which some of you may not be familiar with at all.  UNDA numbered compounds are combination, low potency homeopathic therapies that are target specific.  At times Dr. Sharif may offer these therapies to improve organ function in his patients, and has found them to be indispensible for that purpose.  For instance UNDA #243 is very effective for optimization of liver function, and UNDA #45 is wonderful for optimizing kidney function.  He tends to utilize mostly UNDAs that improve the function of the liver and kidneys over all the other UNDAs.  Additionally, you may hear the patients talk about castor oil pack which is intended to improve intestinal/liver function.  In case you are wondering if the combination homeopathic therapies such as UNDAs and the single constitutional remedy may interact, Dr. Sharif has found it to be true that in majority of the patients he has seen there does not appear to be any significant interference.  However, in some cases, there is definitely some interference that is not negligible.  Therefore, unless you are skilled in both modalities, you are encouraged to use one or the other when you first start out with these therapies or when you first start treating a patient.  As the patient’s health improves, she/he is much less likely to suffer from interactions among various therapies.  Furthermore, as you gain more experience with these modalities, you will be able to help the patient walk through the maze of healing effectively, utilizing all the various therapies without concern for significant interactions or aggravations.

Last but not least, to get the most out of the videos, you are highly encouraged to pay very close attention to the way the patient is talking and interacting with Dr. Sharif.

Enjoy homeopathy online!

Expression of gratitude towards our patients:

I like to express my most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of the patients (and their loved ones) for allowing me to use his/her video for educational purposes.  We all owe these courageous souls a great deal since without their video, it would be extremely difficult for me to teach homeopathy.  Thank you!    Dr. Sharif