Module 8, Uncommon Remedies

There are ten videos (nine constitutions) in this module: Two separate patients with Kali Silicata constitution (notice how similar they appear and sound), and one video per constitution for the remainder of the videos.  All seven of these constitutional types are rather rare, but the remedies are amazingly effective and can definitely save people’s lives.  Just watch what these patients have to say about their experience with their remedies.  Note that sometimes it may take a while before you find the correct homeopathic remedy (like I did in the case of the Baptisia patient here), but it will be well worth your time to keep searching for your patient’s remedy since regular medicines and/or supplements were not helping this patient very much at all!

Below is the list of the uncommon constitutions you will be seeing in this module.  Note that these more uncommon constitutions tend to be rather unhealthy, so most of them did and hopefully will change to a healthier constitution over time as they become healthier.  For example, both the Helleborus and the Stramonium patients became Pulsatilla over time.  The Helleborus patient became Pulsatilla in days, but the Stramonium patient took 2-3 years to make this transition, most likely due to the fact that she kept smoking marijuana which antidotes remedies.

  • Aluminum
  • Aurum
  • Baptisia
  • Belledonna
  • Bothrops
  • Kali Silicata
  • Helleborus
  • Stramonium
  • Platina